Friday, September 10, 2010

I have been so BAD....

about updating this updating our blog. I feel like there are not enough hours in the day!
Anyway, we have had lots of FIRSTS this month. Reese had her first day of school at her new school, Chapel Hill. Paul and I are in love with this school and are so happy that we finally have Reese in it. She had a great first day, she walked in like she owned the place waved goodbye and did not shed a tear. This is also a first, because at the last two schools there was always a melt down the first day! What a BIG girl she is becoming.

Our second first is the little girls started on solid food! They are both doing great with it and love peas, green beans, squash, sweet potatoes and carrots so far. Each of them picked up on eating off a spoon very quickly. And our last first is Lexi cut her first TWO teeth! I can not believe she has two teeth... I don't think Ellie is too far behind because she is constantly chewing on her fingers. All in all they are doing great. We go on Monday for their 6 month check up. Where does the time go! I'll have more to post after this weekend...

Ellie - 6 Months
First Day of Chapel Hill
With Gigi
Lexi 6 Month with Uncle Mark

Monday, August 9, 2010

Reese is TWO!

Sweet Reese turned TWO this past Thursday, it is hard to believe that she is already 2! She had a very fun week of celebrations.... We started with a date to American Girl with Ashley and Claire. The girls were in heaven having their "babies" eat lunch with them and then were both treated to ice cream. After lunch, we went downstairs for some shopping. Reese got a new doll for her birthday and a wagon. It was a lot of fun and can't imagine how fun it will be with all 3! (Paul is doomed :))
Then on Thursday, we had a little family party. Her favorite gift was her bike from Bops and Gigi... They got her a Strider and she actually has picked it up real well! Her birthday party was on Saturday morning. It was a fun weekend celebrating our little girl. Today, we went for her 2 year check up and she did FANTASTIC! Dr Benzick said she is one smart little girl and is gifted. That always makes a mommy proud!

Here are her stats:
Weight: 27.3 lbs (60 percentile)
Height: 34.5 in (71 percentile)

Happy Birthday Angel! Thank you for blessing your daddy, sisters and I everyday with your laughter, sweetness and humor. We love you baby girl!

Lexi just soaking it all in while Ellie crashed out
Animal Cupcakes

Mommy and Reese date
Sweet Claire
Venturing into American Girl
"Feeding her Baby"

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I finally have some time to update the blog. Over the past few weeks, it's been hard to find time. We've been busy! Ellie and Lexi turned 4 Months (WOW!), we took Reese to ride her first amusement rides, celebrated Father's Day, visited Paul's family in Minnesota for a family wedding and with lots in between....

First, I'll begin with Ellie and Lexi turning FOUR months. I know, I say this all the time, but seriously TIME FLIES! If you met them today you would never know that they were preemies. They are growing like weeds and have hit all of the four month milestones. Each of them will just talk and talk to you, laugh and LOVE to smile. Nothing beats my morning smiles when I go in to get them out of their cribs. Oh, the biggest thing of all, they are sleeping through the night and have been for THREE weeks. This is the most exciting b/c Reese did not do this until 9 months. Both take their 4 bottles a day and then are down for the night between 7p and 8p. Lexi rolled over for the first time today and Ellie is right behind her. Dr. Benzick was impressed with their growth. Here are their stats:

Ellie - Lexi -
Weight: 13 lbs and 13oz (94 percentile) 12 lbs and 10 oz (78 percentile)
Height: 24 in (89 percentile) 24 in (89 percentile)

Now for picture overload :)

Reese and I at the wedding in Minnesota
(they had a candy bar, which was a big hit with her)
Bubba (Paul's Father) and Reese
Uncle Turtle and Aunt Jess
Nana (Paul's mom) and her boys
Grandma and all of her grandchildren, spouses and great granddaughters (minus the twins)
These are pictures from our photo shoot when Matt and Linds were in town.
Reese - 22 Months

Quinn - 3.5 years
Bops and Gigi with their kids and grandchildren (minus one on the way) Linds NOT me!
Sweet Cousins
Lexi - 3 Months
CA Folk Family
Bops and Gigi
Our little girls (Ellie on the left and Lexi on the right)
Tanner - 11 Months
Reese on the big girl rides
I think we did this 10 times!

Fathers Day 2010

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Catch Up!

Hope you are ready for picture overload! I finally emptied my camera. Last week, we had the CA crew in town and it was TONS of fun! I think Reese and Quinn had the most... We packed a lot into their visit. As always, it is so fun to spend time with them and sad to see them go. But there is always something to look forward too... This time it is meeting our NEW niece or nephew. We can not wait!

Ours girls are doing great and changing daily. Ellie and Lexi are 14 weeks this week and I CAN NOT believe it! I know, I say that a lot, but it is true. I can not believe how fast they are growing and looking more and more alike each day. In some of these pictures I had to take a double look to tell them apart. Sweet Reese is doing better than ever! Enjoy!

Sister Love
Identical - It's changing daily (Lexi on left and Ellie on right)
Big Sister giving zerberts!
Guess this is what a 22 month old considers sharing...
Kissing Cousins
Here comes TANNER

One of her FAVORITE places
Quinn and Reese "holding hands"
This is what 9 months of not seeing eachother does - Monkeys
Love my tunnel

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Where has this past month gone?!? I feel like these sweet babies were born just yesterday and can't believe they are 12 weeks old! As busy as it is each day, these three munchkins are the most amazing little people. Reese keeps us laughing daily with her dancing, chatter and silliness. She has started back to school "Summer Camp" and loves it. On the days she is not in school, we are at My Gym or swimming lessons. She is one active little girl and I love all of our outings together. Reese is also becoming a great BIG sister! She has really taken to the babies and loves to help me change their diaper, feed them or attempt to give their paci back. This weekend, we took her and got her, her very own baby to feed when I am feeding the twins and she love it. She is the best little mommy to her.
Ellie and Lexi are growing and doing wonderful! They only get up once a night to eat and personally I think that is amazing! So much different than Reese. I will have more pictures of them this weekend after our photo shoot. We have a fun weekend planned with the CA crew. I CAN NOT WAIT to see those sweet boys!